GI Tubes and Pipes

GI Tubes and Pipes Manufacturers

In GI Tubes, GI Means “galvanized iron.” Thus, GI Tubes and pipes are galvanized iron pipes or called coated iron Tubes and pipes in old terminology.

GI carbon steel tubes and GI pipes are immersed in a galvanic (zinc) bath. GI (Galvanized Iron) Pipes and tubes are classified into 3 grades based on their weight per meter and inner diameter thickness.

The more thickness means the better performance and Long durability. According to the IS 1239, each pipes and Tubes shall bear a color strip across the circumference for identifying the “class” of the GI pipes. These pipes are cheaper, of lightweight and easy to handle.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Galvanized Steel Pipes, stocks a wide range of Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) Galvanized Steel Pipes / Tubes in light, medium, and heavy classes.

All galvanized pipes and galvanized tubes supplied by Sparsteel are produced by Best specifications. We specialize in offering Carbon Steel pipes and Alloy Steel pipes with a high-quality galvanized finish to enhance the corrosion-resistant properties of pipes. Galvanized pipes are less expensive and used for wider applications.

At Sparsteel, we strictly follow the rule of testing and inspection. We can offer Galvanized Tubes and Pipes Threaded with Beveled, Plain Ended or Screwed, and Socketed.

We are also a reputed supplier of pre-galvanized steel pipes which are widely used for fencing structures and indoor fabrication. Pre-galvanized pipes are generally manufactured using a coil that has gone through the galvanization process. No further galvanization is required once the coil is made of pipe. These pipes and tubes have high structural integrity and are resistant to corrosive environments. Pre-galvanized steel pipes and tubes are manufactured from 1/2″ to 8″. Square hollow section and rectangular hollow section are also available in a pre-galvanized finish.

In the case of galvanized steel pipe, black steel pipe is manufactured by forming coils to the required pipe size and then passed through a galvanizing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Galvanised Iron (GI) Pipes are manufactured using mild steel strips of Low Carbon Steel Coils.

Medium-quality GI pipes are often used extensively to distribute raw and treated water in most rural water supply areas, where water requirements are lower.

The advantages of gi pipes are Higher durability and long life, Weld consistency, and integrity with Superior finish and anti-rust coating.